Ritz-Carlton Cancun: Hotel Review

Food, Hotels — By Susan Vincil on May 29, 2011 at 9:39 pm

Main entrance to Ritz-Carlton Cancun, one of Cancun's nicest and most luxurious resorts. | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

Earlier this month, I spent four days at Ritz-Carlton Cancun.  Overall, the experience was wonderful and, in all honesty, I couldn’t find fault with many things at the resort (and I am very picky).

My friends and I were in room 8016, a suite on the Club Level. The suite had a large living room that had a couch and 2 chairs, as well as a small table with two chairs on the other side of the room.  The bedroom and living room were separated by French doors.

Inside the bedroom was the master bathroom.  The bathroom had a bathtub, a separate shower stall, and a small room that housed the toilet.  A simple, but very useful feature of the master bathroom was the retractable clothesline, which was great for hanging wet swimsuits.

There were double sinks and a large mirror outside the bathroom, in the dressing area.  In that area, there was also a dresser and a large closet, containing the in-room safe.

The bedroom had a desk and chair and also a chair and ottoman by the balcony door.  A second bathroom was located near the front door to the suite but  there was only a toilet and one sink in that smaller bathroom.  The Club Level suites are 876 square feet so, needless to say, our suite was quite spacious.


Bedroom of a suite at Ritz-Carlton Cancun | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

Sitting area in bedroom of a suite at Ritz-Carlton Cancun | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

Living room of suite at Ritz-Carlton Cancun | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

You could go out onto the balcony from the living room or bedroom and there were televisions in both the living room and the bedroom.  The view was amazing, even though the suite was on one of the ends of the resort, overlooking the pool.  As you you can see from the photo below, we still had a lovely view of the Caribbean Sea from one of the rooms on the side.


Balcony of suite 8016 at Ritz-Carlton Cancun. | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

View from suite 8016 at Ritz-Carlton Cancun | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

An incredible view of the beach and pool area at Ritz-Carlton Cancun | Photo by Susan R. Vincil

Guests on the Club Level are allowed to partake in the  food and drinks offered in the lounge throughout the day.  They serve continental breakfast, lunch (finger sandwiches and the like), afternoon tea, and cordials & small desserts in the evening (complete with a chocolate fountain and fruit for dipping! Yum!).  You can help yourself to food, soft drinks, cocktails, and wine and there is no charge for any of it, as it’s an added perk of booking a room on the exclusive Club Level.  Food and drinks can be very expensive at this hotel so I highly recommend booking a Club Level room so you will have access to all of the goodies offered in the lounge.

Most mornings, we opted to have the delicious buffet breakfast at El Cafe Mexicano, one of the hotel’s restaurants.  There was an omelet station, a waffle station, fresh fruit, a variety of pastries, typical breakfast fare like eggs & bacon, as well as some Mexican dishes, like panuchos (similar to a taco in a soft tortilla) and flautas (tortillas filled with meat then rolled up tightly and deep-fried).  Everything was very fresh and tasty.  The restaurant was very bright and had pretty views so it was a nice place to start the day.

Each day, after breakfast, we went out to the beach and lounged in our beach villa all day.  Beach villas are rented daily at a rate of approximately $150 USD, including the gratuity.  We were treated to top-notch service at the beach until 5pm each day.  The beach service ends at 5pm but we hung out in our villa until after sunset.  We enjoyed it as long as we possibly could.

For dinner, we ordered room service one evening and dined at The Club Grill and The Lobby Lounge on the other two nights that we chose to dine at the resort.  The room service menu had many items to choose from.  We ordered pizza and chicken wings and both were great.  The food arrived quickly and the room service attendant set up a table in the living room.  That was much more comfortable than sitting on the couch and using the coffee table.  After we finished eating, we simply called room service and they came back to retrieve our dirty dishes and the table.

The Lobby Lounge had sushi & ceviche as well as most of the same offerings at the room service menu.  On the night that we ate in the Lobby Lounge, we ordered a table full of appetizers to share.  We ordered six or seven appetizers and each one was fantastic.  All of us really enjoyed our meal that night, since we all got to sample so many different things.  Of course, the service was spectacular and we wanted for nothing during the meal.

We did not eat at Fantino, Casitas, or The Caribe Bar & Grill but I think it’s safe to say we would have been wowed by the food and service if we had stayed long enough to try all of those places.

We had such a great time at the resort that we did not want to leave.  Sadly, we had to leave the life of leisure behind and return to the real world.


Pros & Cons (but mostly pros)

The hotel is not directly on the main road so that makes for a long walk to the street, if you wish to take the bus.  It’s only about a 5 minute walk but, during the Summer months, it will be too hot for walking in the sun.  And, when you go back to the hotel from the street, there is an uphill hike that is not fun at all.  So, the best way to avoid this is to simply take taxis to and from the hotel. There is a taxi stand at the lobby so you probably won’t have to wait for more than a minute or two.

This is one of Cancun’s finest hotels so the prices reflect that. Food and drink can be a bit pricey here, but the resort is so wonderful that you won’t want to leave to go out in search of cheaper fare so you take the good with the bad.

Harry’s Steakhouse and Raw Bar and Puerto Madero, two of Cancun’s most popular restaurants, are located in front of the hotel (out on the main street) so, if you wish to leave the hotel property, you can get a great meal close by.

The hotel is decorated with antiques but it does not feel “stuffy”. Guests were dressed casually so you won’t feel out of place in jeans or the typical clothing found at beach resorts (shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops).

Each room has a view of the Caribbean Sea.

The spa facilities and treatments were wonderful, at Kayanta spa, and the spa staff was very attentive.

I noticed some very minor signs of wear on the walls in some the common areas but a little paint would fix that in no time.

Each employee makes eye contact and greets you when you walk by them in the hallways or other common areas.  This is a nice touch.

The hotel is a short drive from Plaza Kukulkan and Plaza La Isla, two nice malls in Cancun’s hotel zone.

There were only 2 bathrooms in the pool area (that we could find, anyway) and there were often people waiting since there was only one stall in each of the women’s bathrooms.

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