Showtime in Cape Town! Less than 2 Weeks to the World Cup

Events, Things to Do — By iminglin on May 30, 2010 at 4:17 pm

The stadium is ready, BRT is running, new highways are neat and tidy, airport construction has finished, and the street vendors are stocking up on flags and weird elastic rear view mirror flag thingies (the locals need to afford some legal non Fifa gear somehow).  So, regardless or whether you’re one of the lucky ticket holders to a Cape Town match or, if you’re one of the people bummed and rather irritated at Fifa’s inept ticketing system, Cape Town’s ready for the big show.

I haven’t ventured into town recently but work has been progressing for the Fan Fest at the Grand Parade.  They’ve had the stage and tent up for weeks, perhaps testing against Cape Town winter wind and rain.  Kicking off the night of 10 June and continuing through the final match, the official Fan Fest will be open every day with live music, food, drinks, soccer pitches, and, of course, viewing of all matches.  They’re expecting to provide free viewing for 25,000; judging by the turnout for the draw alone, the area will be packed beyond limits.

Other than this official Fan Fest, official Public Viewing Areas will be available at the Bellville Velodrome and Athlone Stadium.  If you’re up for a cultural tour of Cape Town while exploring the Cup, try viewing at all 3 sites, I’ll guarantee you a different atmosphere at each.  I’ll predict lots of vuvuzelas at all of these venues, good ol’ deafening fun.

photo courtesy of wikipedia commons

People here are getting excited, flags are taking over, and the banks are giving out kudu (large antelope) horn shaped vuvuzelas.  I’m not sure who’s behind that strange marketing ploy but whoever it is seems to have created an “easy” vuvuzela, perhaps its for the foreign visitors.  Even the weather gods seem to be happy- there’s snow in the distant mountains but forecasts are for clear sunny days for the next week at least, seems temps here are the same as they are in Washington DC… except its winter here!  Damn, living in Cape Town’s pretty sweet.  Looking forward to the world checking it out.

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