Predictions Part I

What's New — By thethirdpeacock on June 5, 2010 at 6:44 am

So this is the part where I tell you whats going to happen, at the glorious upcoming competition known as ‘fifa world cup 2010’.

There are lots of other opinions out there. Everyone has one. Not everyone should be entitled to one, but they are. No one will be right.

Except me. Maybe.

Matt, I am Sir Morgan Freeman, take my advice, listen to the Third Peacock

If you haven’t already, round up some friends, and form a league on

Then follow my advice and win it.

Group Stages


Mexico, England, Nigeria, Germany, Holland, Italy, Brazil, Spain

Not many surprises here. Nigeria over Argentina is one that not many see coming. Fortunately for you, you are listening to me not them. Mexico over France i hear you say? Yes. France = Old. Their coach is a racist idiot. Even Miley Cyrus and Sponge Bob hate him.

Douche Douche Douche (And no I don't mean a french shower)

Runners Up

South Africa, Argentina, Austrailia, USA, Cameroon, Paraguay, Chile, Ivory Coast.

The pick I am worried about here is the Ivory Coast. I was sure, sure they would escape the group of death over Portugal. Then Didier (douchbag) Drogba got injured, and it became the Toure brothers vs the world.

Note I have England over the USA. Thanks to a 3-1 England win on June 12th, 2010. Should that be reversed, I would be ok with that. The US might start to care. one caveat, the same thing has to happen to Germany, so we avoid them in the first knock out stage.

I have much more to tell you. How will the knock outs go? How does a squares board (normally reserved for AMERICAN football) work for soccer, keep coming back and I will tell you more.


ps if you’re not having / attending an England vs USA party, why not? Got something better to do at 1130 on a Saturday? If you are nice I might invite you to mine.

in this blog, the part of Nelson Mandela is played by Sir Morgan Freeman.


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