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Charleston Nightlife

Charleston Nightlife August 12, 2010 | What's New | Read More
Almost any night of the week, especially during the summer, you’ll find downtown Charleston lively through all hours of the night. Follow the sounds of music and the throngs of people and you typically won’t be able to go wrong. Charleston offers a unique ambiance with a diverse range of...

Lodging in Charleston

Lodging in Charleston July 28, 2010 | Hotels | Read More
Accommodations in Charleston are primarily split between bed and breakfasts and hotels. Most of the bed and breakfasts can be found in historic downtown consisting of beautiful mansions that have been renovated to become upscale inns. Although Charleston isn’t known for its luxury resorts, you...

Charleston Restaurants

Charleston Restaurants July 26, 2010 | Food | Read More
Being the port city that it is, of course seafood is the king of dining in Charleston, South Carolina. And not only seafood, but low country cuisine, which among other things, includes fried green tomatoes, crab cakes and shrimp and grits. Beyond the plethora of Charleston seafood restaurants, the city...

Seafood Restaurants in Charleston

Seafood Restaurants in Charleston July 26, 2010 | What's New | Read More
Debating the seafood restaurants in any seaside town can draw a range of responses, but especially in Charleston. The southern port city ranges in seafood styles, from deep fried family-style to low country to upscale seafood. Like many touristy cities, what tourists think are the best seafood restaurants...

5 Charleston Inns

5 Charleston Inns July 24, 2010 | Hotels | Read More
Cobblestone streets, antebellum homes, horse-drawn carriages; these are but a few of the things that give Charleston its historic charm. Though Charleston has its share of well-appointed first-class hotels, it’s the city’s inns and bed and breakfasts that really capture the hospitality of...

Free Things to Do in Charleston

Free Things to Do in Charleston July 18, 2010 | What's New | Read More
One of the most popular cities in the south, and a southern hallmark, Charleston isn’t lacking in fun things to do. From horse-drawn carriage rides to city tours to bar hopping to fine arts and much more, Charleston offers one of the most diverse cities in the south. Although you do in fact have...

$5 Lunch in Charleston: The Tomato Shed

$5 Lunch in Charleston: The Tomato Shed June 14, 2010 | Food | Read More
It’s not easy finding a $5 lunch. Even more difficult: finding a $5 lunch in Charleston, South Carolina. Vying with Savannah as the crown jewel of the deep south, Charleston is one of the most expensive cities in the south for dining. You would typically have to find a food cart in downtown Charleston...
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