Photo Set Friday: Can You Find This Elderly Lady?

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If you can, I would urge you to plan your stay in Chiang Mai that includes at least one Sunday night.  Why, you ask?  So you can experience one of the famous night markets in Chiang Mai, the “Sunday Night Walking Market.”  Your walk begins at Tha Pae Gate, a major landmark in Chiang Mai, where many other local events are held.  Tip: Get there early, around 4pm and you can see the locals setting-up and preparing for another busy Sunday night.  You can find great deals, especially if you are the merchant’s first sale of the evening. They will take your cash, and slap their merchandise with it, as a gesture for bringing their business more good fortune for the rest of the evening.

While you are strolling down the street looking for unique souvenirs or a bite to eat, be sure to look for this lovely, elderly lady usually surrounded by handmade, hanging miniature figures, and usually accompanied by miniature onlookers (i.e., children).   She is a tiny lady sitting small and quietly in a wheelchair.  The assortment of miniature birds, flowers, and other animal figures hang on strings and surround her.  If you have a child with you while at the market, this may be the perfect way to support this lady and bring a smile to your child at the same time.  If not,  buy something for a child in your life you know will enjoy and appreciate.

If you do find her and support her by purchasing something, please, be sure to come back and tell me about it in the comments. 

Kupkoon Kha (Thank You) from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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  • Laura says:

    Couldn’t agree more- everyone should visit the Sunday market. It’s so fun 🙂

  • A says:

    Awww Hi Laura and thanks for the vote about the night market. LOVE it. And thanks also for stopping by. Cheers from Chiang Mai! 🙂

  • Peter M says:

    Yup, I love the Sunday walking street market. I have been there twice and will undoubtedly return soon. I do not recall seeing that lady, but will look out for her next time. On another topic, the Saturday walking street market, just south of the old city wall, is also worth checking out, albeit a smaller, less crowded market.

  • A says:

    Thanks Peter. Yes, Sunday night market is a treat and so is the Saturday Night Market @ the Chiang Mai Gate on Wua Lai road. We like them all. Thanks for stopping by.


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