Ice Cream Chicagoans Can’t Live Without

Food — By adamgauzza on March 1, 2012 at 5:15 am

When it comes to dairy, Chicago is well connected (Wisconsin is Illinois’ neighbor to the north), and despite the cold, cold winters, even the most frigid Chicagoans have a warm spot in their hearts and bellies for good ice cream.

Chocolate Raspberry Tartufo and Pistachio gelato from Bellezza Gelato Caffe

Paciugo Gelato & Caffé has locations in East Lakeview and Lincoln Square, and lucky are its neighbors.  With an enormous list of flavors, about thirty of which are freshly made on any given day, Paciugo offers tastes to please anyone: rose sangria, black pepper and olive oil, chocolate orange saffron, and so many more.  They have options for the more epicurious (durian fruit), classics (cookies and milk), dairy-free sorbets, even soy-based and no sugar added flavors.

Lakeview’s Bobtail Ice Cream Company makes its nineteen flavors on site, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.  Their specialty scoops include Signature Sunset (Merlot ice cream with dark chocolate chips) and the Lakeview Barhopper (Dutch cocoa ice cream blended with whiskey).  Make a flavor suggestion, and if they create it, you’ll get a free pint.

Looking into the freezer at Black Dog Gelato in Wicker Park, you’ll think they’ve outdone themselves each time you come upon a new flavor.  Goat cheese cashew caramel, sesame fig chocolate chip, and Mexican chocolate–it seems like it can’t get any better, and then you notice the whiskey-spiked gelato bars been dipped in creamy milk chocolate.  Decisions, decisions…

Bellezza Gelato Caffeuses fresh fruit, whole nuts, and whole milk to make their award winning gelato and sorbets.  Along with about twenty gelati and four sorbets, Bellezza brews up some delicious coffee and espresso drinks.  Consequently, their affogato sundae offers you the best of both worlds: a scoop of your favorite gelato with a shot of rich, steamy espresso poured over it.

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