Local Roasteries for Coffee Lovers

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Chicago has so many high-quality coffee shops, and many of them are brewing up locally roasted beans.  The roasters range from large producers to tiny in-store operations, and they’re all worth sampling.

photo courtesy of Bobbi Bowers http://www.flickr.com/photos/b_2/5151624897/

Raw and Roasted Coffee Beans

Intelligentsia coffee can be tasted all over the city at restaurants and cafes, but no one brews it quite like the company’s three locations (two in the Loop, one in Lakeview).  They have award-winning beans in many varieties to suit any coffee lover’s tastes, and the hip, plaid-clad baristas are extremely knowledgeable about their many products.  Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions as you wait for your single crop seasonal V-60 pour over.

Metropolis Coffee Company on the city’s far north side was recently named Chicago’s Best Brew for 2012 by KRUPS.  The Metropolis Cafe draws an eclectic crowd of artists, business people, and neighborhood families.

Photo by Bobbi Bowers http://www.flickr.com/photos/b_2/5152234512/

Intelligentsia's roastmaster checking the beans

Asado Coffee Company owner Kevin Ashtari roasts beans inside his coffee shop in a custom built manual 12-kilo roaster.  Each 12 oz. cup of coffee, madefrom a small batch of Ugandan Bugisu beans purchased from local co-op Crop to Cup, is brewed with care in a porcelain pour-over.

The Dark Matter Coffee roasters moved recently around the corner from their Star Lounge Coffee Bar in the Ukranian Village. Their small batch roasts are available all over the city at cafes, restaurants, and independent grocery stores.  Keep an eye out for upcoming tours and seminars available at their roastery.

Bridgeport Coffee Company aims to be more than just a place to grab a cup of joe.  They’re fiercely invested in their south side neighborhood, and strive to make the community better. Their wholesale roastery is just a mile away from their retail location.

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