Celebrities on Show in Copenhagen’s Fall Exhibitions

Events, Things to Do — By Jane Graham on October 18, 2010 at 9:29 pm

One of the best things to do on a fall break to Copenhagen is to visit one of the city’s art museums and take in an exhibition. This is a time of big-name openings after a dry period during the summer, when many of the museums and galleries close for renovation.

The weather outside might be unpredictable and even pretty cold, but with some hot international names currently on display in the Danish capital, it shouldn’t take long to warm up; try checking out the warm tones of Dylan’s South American travels, or David Lynch’s works in “The Air is on Fire”.

Here’s our pick of the city’s hottest fall art shows:

  • Bob Dylan’s “The Brazil Series” at national gallery Statens Museum for Kunst. Dylan may be far better known as a musician, singer and songwriter, but he has been an active painter since the ’60s. This exhibition shows 40 never-shown-before works from his time spent in Brazil.
  • Anselm Kiefer – quite probably the most famous German artist of post-war times – is presented in a major retrospective at Louisiana that comprises some 90 large-scale works with themes of grand narratives and the power of myths. Take advantage of the late night opening of this modern art museum north of Copenhagen and stay as late as 10pm on weekdays.

  • Arken, south of Copenhagen, presents a group retrospective of the Danish scene three decades ago with “The Wild ยด80s”. Enjoy a collection of large, bright and brash paintings little known outside their home country.
  • Kunstforeningen Gammel Strand, recently reopened after a lengthy renovation, invites visitors into the strange universe of cult director David Lynch in “The Air is on Fire”; not with celluloid, but with sound and images in an exhibition first shown in Paris back in 2007, and specially adapted for this new Copenhagen edition by Lynch himself.

All exhibitions charge entry and are open until January 2011. See the individual museum websites for more details. Top photo from Bob Dylan’s “The Brazil series” @ Statens Museum for Kunst; image of Kehnet Nielsen’s “Knife in the Head” from Arken’s “The Wild ’80s” courtesy of SMK Foto.

For more ideas on where to find great art in the Danish capital, check out our Copenhagen Art Tour.

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