Tivoli’s New Restaurants

Food, What's New — By Jane Graham on August 1, 2011 at 11:54 am

This year witnessed a break with tradition for Tivoli Pleasure Gardens, as the custom of adding a new ride each season was replaced by improving the overall experience of the centuries-old amusement park, including quality dining at sensible prices. No less than five new eateries have opened their doors this season, ranging from traditional Danish food to burgers in a lounge setting. The focus moves away from gourmet aficionado, and is geared instead to both families with kids and young singles.

Nimb Bar ‘n Grill

    The Nimb Empire continues to expand, and this surf-and-turf place opened on the site of the old Nimb Dairy in May. From lobster to steak, it’s all thrown on the grill, while the bar serves cocktails, a wide selection of whiskies and wines from around the world.

    Nimb Terrace

      If Nimb’s Bar ‘n Grill offers something for the men, ladies ought to adore this French-inspired bistro that offers private dining as well as a lunch and dinner menu. It’s possible to eat inside, outside or simply enjoy a glass or two in the small wine bar. Note that Nimb Terrace is located not in the main Nimb building but in the old Divan 2 premises in the heart of the gardens.


        The old wooden shack that previously housed the mock Viking restaurant Valhalla has been transformed into a vast restaurant that attempts to offer the best of both worlds, with a family restaurant on the first floor wooing its youngest customers with burgers, self-serve soft ice and free soda refills, while catering to the young and cool downstairs with a hang-out bar and expansive terrace kitted out with saggy couches.

        Madklubben in Tivoli

          Fans of Madklubben Bistro de Luxe’s concept of cheap quality food will be thrilled to see a new edition of the hit restaurant in Tivoli. This one offers a more traditionally Danish menu, however, with good old-fashioned frikadellar meatballs and open sandwiches as contemporary as they are nostalgic.

          Bull Diner

            This restaurant is located just outside Tivoli, next door to Wagamama, and is thus open all year round. Those who’ve been to Odense might recognize the name, as this burger bar is part of a Funen-based chain.

            Meanwhile, head chef and owner of The Paul, Englishman Paul Cunningham announced last week he would be closing the restaurant at the end of this season in September, making Tivoli one Michelin star lighter.

            Photo courtesy of Nimb

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