Dublin Pub: O’Donoghues – Baggot Street

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O'Donoghue's Pub Baggot Street

O'Donoghue's Pub Baggot Street

O’Donoghues Pub is a traditional Irish establishment with a strong musical heritage. Some of Ireland’s top traditional musicians have played here over the years including Christy Moore, The Chieftans, The Fureys and the Dubliners. They still have live music seven nights a week here with musicians coming from the all over Ireland to join the session.

It seems as if nothing has really changed here over the years accept for a lick of paint every decade or so.  This leaves a special authentic atmosphere, with rogue wires dangling, pealing wallpaper and lashings of atmosphere. Old pictures, cartoons, photographs and memorabilia adorn the walls. The outside courtyard area is a smokers heaven and seems to always be busy so get there early to grab a stool and table. They also provide bed and breakfast accommodation at a reasonable rate if you are looking to stay in an authentic pub in a central location its not a bad option.

It is easy to relax, enjoy a few pints, some good conversation  and let the hours disappear.

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