Good Friday in Dublin

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Although Dublin has for many years been a relaxed secular city, there are two days out of 365 when the pubs, clubs, off licences/liquor shops, etc. are closed. And one of those is Good Friday, which falls on 22 April this year.

The good news for anyone who fancies a pint of Guinness, or indeed any other alcoholic beverage on that day, is that your hotel bar will serve residents. You are staying in a hotel with a bar… aren’t you?

Dublin Pub

Never on Good Friday! (credit: tupinambah)

So what else is there to do on this dry holy day? Well there’s always shopping (if that doesn’t drive you to drink…) , and most visitor attractions are also open, though do check on their websites if you’re not sure. But of course, when in Dublin on a Good Friday, you could do what the locals do: go to church. And not just any old church. Visit one of these historic buildings for a very special Good Friday Dublin experience :

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

St Michan’s Church

St Audoen’s Church

christchurch cathedral dublin

ChristChurch Cathedral (credit: hsivonen)




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