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Romance is always in the air when you arrive in Florence.  The ambience of the palazzi(palaces) and the sunsets on the Ponte Vecchio. What better place to enjoy your time with your partner than in Florence, Italy.  Strolling along the ancient cobbled streets of Florence brings a sense of romanticism to an evening when you are walking hand in hand.  The air seems to allow love to flourish in this city.  Although not everything is a walk in the park when you are traveling through Italy, but those aggravations won’t show up in this post.

When I think of a great romantic, elegant evening with my significant other, I picture wine and two glasses. Fuori Porta offers inside and outside dining for you and your amore.  On hot, balming summer eves, choose a nice secluded table and gaze at the sunset as it illuminates the sky.  With a delicious wine in hand, after a full meal of fresh cheeses and vegetables you will be able to just let the evening unfold as each moment passes.

Lovers in Italy

For the beer lovers out there, Il Bovaro is a great place for you to visit.   Brewing their own beer since 2000, Il Bovaro is a quaint little birreria.  It’s specialities are wurstel fresh from Munich, bruschetta and carpaccio.  Their beers that they brew are Riki, Axel and Titan.  Riki is a pils lager with a fresh and fruity taste.  Axel consists of a full-bodied lager like ale with a spicey aroma taste. Titan is a red beer that has a nice smoked flavor.  Enjoy the ambience of a first microbrewery in Florence.

Locks of Love along the Arno River

Libreria Cafe La Cite comprises of a cafe, bookshop and tango bar.  They activities going on every night.  From exhibitions of new artists to aperitivi to tango nights.  A good place to enjoy the city in the San Frediano neighborhood and watch the city roll by looking out the big glass windows.  Sipping a nice glass of sangiovese and enjoying the cultural music playing in the background.  There is upstairs with couches and comfy chairs to cuddle on as well.  WiFi is prevalent in these parts as well.

For the couples who don’t like to sit down at a restaurant and pay the coperto(fee) to occupy a table, try Vinaino di Parte Guelfa.  I can honestly say they make the best sandwiches here.  I eat here every other day and spend less than 5€.  It is a great deal and the locale is small and cozy like you are sitting at home talking with friends.  Locals frequent this shop on weekdays especially.  If you see a herd of people outside, don’t give up, this will give you a chance to look at the menu and what is presented in the deli case.  Luca and Leonardo make each sandwich with just the right amount of prosciutto and incredibly fast.  Follow the line in and when they say ‘Prego’ looking at you, it is your turn! 🙂  You may take it to go (porta via) or sit inside for no extra cost.

Lovers canoodling in Italy

Check out the Lovers in Florence Guide for more variety!  Enjoy!

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