Where to Take Out of Town Guests for Dinner

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When you are visiting Florence for the 4th or 5th time, perhaps you have a list of restaurants you would like to share with friends and family. Taking out of town guests to special dinners can always be a highlight of ones trip. I have made a list myself of places I would take my out of town guests when they are visiting me. These authentic, fusion and the most exquisite restaurants I have come across in my travels through Florence.

Piazza della Repubblica

Trattoria dei Quattro Leoni is like a little Planet Hollywood. On any given night, you might spot a celebrity sitting and enjoying a quiet meal. The walls are full of celebrities from American to Italian. The menu is seasonal and changes quite frequently. The prices are reasonably for the tiny little space that they offer its patrons. Each dish is equally delicious. You can’t go wrong with making a reservation to this humble trattoria.

Outside of Trattoria Quattro Leoni

Riflessi has a complete elegant atmosphere which is how you are served, elegantly and with high class. The waitstaff makes sure you are enjoying every minute of your meal as well. An explanation of how the wine and the food compliment each other is at no extra cost. Feel free to ask questions to entice your knowledge of wine and wine-pairing. The prices are bit steep, but for a night on the town with close friends why not splurge a little.

Wine-tasting at Riflessi

Pangies Bistrot is a favorite to all who enjoy the authentic Tuscan cuisine. Owned by a close-knit family, Pangies offers just that, a family-like environment. The menu changes seasonal as to awaken your other senses when eating the food of the seasons. The prices are incredibly reasonably being that it is located in the center and close the richest street in Florence. The service and food are served with a smile and even a great conversation as well. Mario, the father, loves to communicate with his patrons.

Tiramisu by Mario at Pangies

Cantina Barbagianni is a high class restaurant with an ambiance of the romantic kind. The food is extremely elegant and with great presentation as well. This would be a great place to show off the cuisine of Florence with a bit of flare added to it. The prices are above average but it is made up with ordering a delicious, mouth-watering dessert to keep your taste-buds dancing for hours after.

The romantic Cantina

Florence has the cuisine of many different cultures but when taking your out of town guests around the city, these are places that are filled with authentic and extreme Tuscan cuisine. Not many people can enjoy this type of food when visiting Florence when bombarded with a plethora of restaurants that many find in the historic center. Keep this list of restaurants handy when treating guests to a night out in Florence.

Photo Credit: 4 Leoni, All other photos by Katie Greenaway

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