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When I travel, I find it fascinating to attend places of worship. I attended Christ Church in Philadelphia which had as former members, Betsy Ross, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington to mention a few. I shared the previously reserved pew of George Washington with my Mother and My Aunt and it was an amazing experience. Even in countries where the service is not in English regardless of the type of religion, it can also be an uplifting experience. I have spent fascinating and emotional moments in France where I lived for a while in Basque Catholic churches (where the priests spoke Basque and I barely spoke French!). The men were seated in the balcony and the women were down at floor level. Guess which ones got communion first (in the order of the eldest leading the descent)? Nice was also a good place to go as the cathedral is large and the ambiance is excellent for feeling peaceful even though I’m not Catholic.

Grande Synagogue in Geneva: image courtesy of sacred-destinations.com

When I arrived in Geneva, Switzerland, I went to a local protestant church and felt comfortable but still a bit foreign (and understood very little even though it was in very clearly spoken French). Then I found out that there were English speaking churches in Geneva so I made the rounds. They are all a bit different, but at least I could understand what was happening and it is a wonderful way to meet other expatriates or English speaking tourists and actually have a conversation in which I could correctly conjugate the verbs.

If you are of a particular religious orientation or simply interested in participating in an English speaking service of worship, this could be a very helpful list for you. Even though this is the city of Calvin and the Protestant movement, you will find most religions represented here which have worship gatherings in English.

Emmanuel Church: image courtesy of emmanelchurch.ch

English Speaking Places of Worship in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva Conference Centre of Buddhism

20 bis, Chemin du Terroux

1218 Grand-Saconnex Geneva

TEL: 022 929 80 80



Follow PLACE DES NATIONS then towards Grand Saconnex

Shema Community

Avenue d’Aire 75,

1203 Geneva.

Tel: +41 (0)22 344 10 93

Missional community movement in Geneva embracing Judeo-Christian essentials.


Institutions Habad Genève
12, Avenue Théodore Weber
1208 Genève

TEL: 0 22 860-8613


2-4 Rue Neuve du Molard, 2floor.


(Tram 12/16/17 – station: MOLARD)

Geneva Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

13 ave du Mervelet,

Petit Saconnex.

Isabelle (TEL: 0 22 366 0919)



They meet at the Quaker House

Number 14 or 16  tram (direction Avanchet)

Fondation Culturelle Islamique

The Islamic Cultural Foundation (the Big Mosque)

34, chemin Colladon

Le Petit-Saconnex (1211 Geneva)


TEL: 0 22 798 37 11

By train:3 Champ d’Anier

Always open for prayers
Library: Mon-Sat 10-12 and 2-4

Centre Islamique de Genève

Islamic Center of Geneva (the Little Mosque)

104, rue des Eaux-Vives

1207 Geneva

TEL : 022 736 75 86


Close to Lake Geneva in the Les Eaux-Vives neighborhood. The largest room on the lower level of the house has been converted into a mosque.



By train:  2,7 Les Vollandes

Buddha’s Light International Association, European Regional Office: image courtesy of ibps-gccb.com

Lutheran Church of Geneva‎

rue Verdaine 20

1204 Genève

TEL: 022 310 50 89‎


Near la Cathédral de St. Pierre

Holy Trinity Church, Church of England

14bis Rue du Mont Blanc

Case postale 1627

1211 Geneva 1
Telephone and fax: 022 731 51 55

Email: geneva-htc@anglican.ch

Between the bridge (Pont du Mont Blanc) and the Railway Station

Seventh  Day Adventist Church

3 rue Monthoux

1201 Geneva

TEL: 41 076 470 04 79

Email: sda.geneva@gmail.com
Enter the American library (across from the Kempinski Hotel side entrance) and go upstairs.

Church of Scotland – Geneva

Presbyterian / Reformed Church

1, Place de la Taconnerie

1204 Geneva

TEL: 022 798 29 09

Next to St Pierre Cathedral in the Old Town with nursery facility.

Church of the Living Saviour

The first International Pentecostal Church established in Geneva.

20, avenue Ernest-Pictet

1203 Geneva.

TEL: 022 344 70 70


Near Parc Geisendorf going towards the airport.

The Islamic Cultural Foundation: images courtesy of mosque.ch

Evangelical Baptist Church of Geneva

Chapelle de l’Oratoire

7 rue Tabazan

1204 Geneva.

TEL: 022 311 43 01


Email: info@ebcg.ch

Near La Cathédral de St. Pierre.

Emmanuel Church

American Episcopal church services with child care and Sunday school. 3, rue de Monthoux, 3, rue de Monthoux
1201 Geneva
TEL:  022 732 8078


Located on right bank of Lake Geneva across from the Kempinski side entrance.

The banner image at the top of the page is courtesy of the Emmanuel Church.

Peace be with you.

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The Reformation Bible of 1599: image courtesy of reformationbookstore.com

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