How to Look Like a Glasgow Local…Fast!

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How To Look Like a Glasgow Local…

The NileGuide challenge this week is to help visitors to Glasgow to “fit in” in a fashion sense and to bring suitable clothing…let’s get this undressed!

Glasgow enjoys the four seasons with a good helping of rain in each! The average temperature is 48 °F, with an average of 66 °F in the summer months and on average 34 °F in the winter season. The rainiest month on average is December ( So before we get into what lurks in the average wardrobe in Glasgow…pack some warm clothing and an umbrella wouldn’t be a bad idea for those occasional showers!

how to look like a Glasgow local

During the 19th and 20th centuries there was large scale immigration to Scotland from Italy, and later from the Middle East, Pakistan and India. Other groups include, British and Caribbean. This is the first argument to defend the case that one size does not fit all!  The “one size” being looking like a local in Glasgow! Secondly people use clothing to express themselves dependant on their financial budgets and activity. These are factors which change continually much like the seasons! However there are stereotypical looks such as the “student”, the “goth”, “wake-boarder”, “wakeboarder chick”, “9-5er”, “workie”, “schoolie” etc etc. But broadly speaking the average persons clothing in Glasgow on a daily basis is determined by what they are doing, the weather and how they are feeling!

So decades of diversity and personal circumstances beckon that you wont have a problem looking like a Glasgow local! The high-street and designer stores dictate the latest trends from the fashion world and people pick and choose from the latest trends, the items that they like. However most people have favourite outfits that are outdated in terms of whats in season and reinvent them with what is now!

Which leads me on to Glaswegians and shopping… yep they love their stores! The city has been named as the top destination to shop in the UK outside the West End of London and is predicted to retain this position for the next ten years (Experian Retail Ranking 2009). There are over 1,500 shops in the city centre! This conversation also ties in nicely with the fact that Glasgow Fashion week is less than a week away, 27-31st October. This glitzy annual event showcases itself as young, vibrant and different from the world’s more traditional fashion weeks. Designers showcase from all around the world!

glasgow fashion week

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Hot Tip- The Fanny Pack is a bit of a tongue in cheek item in this part of the world. Firstly the word fanny has a different meaning in Scotland than in the US and the actual item is stereotypical of a tourist in these regions!

Back to the main tenent of this post, “Looking like a Glasgow local.  As it is Autumn I can only suggest what is hot from the latest looks in the high street stores to assist you!

Fashion For The Ladies in Autumn

There is a military and heritage trend this autumn and winter. Colors ranging from khaki, green, camel and brown  (tartan fits in nicely with the heritage trend!).  There is lots of epaulets, embellishments and buttons. The most desired jacket this season is…the aviator and trousers are high waisted! Good old animal print and fake fur is back with us and Skirt lengths are midi this season and heels are recommended!

Evening Chic!

This season draws on previous decades, particularly the 50’s. Nipped in waists and full skirts are back (think prom style).

For the Gentlemen

The heritage theme sees the revival of the classical British look with tweeds, tartans and checks.The military look is also strong for men with lots of brass buttons, epaulettes and gold trims. Making a statement with tailoring is advised!

Most of these trends are happening globally are so I guess just remember the woolies( retro of course) and that umbrella!

Before I go, I will let you in on a secret! Do not be phased by pyjamma wearing dog walkers or spotting girls in local stores wearing pj’s and ugg type slipper boots, early morning…anything Glas-goes including fanny packs. There aint no clothes police here -:).

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