Photo Friday: Oh yeah! Bon appétit!

Food — By crebuffet on October 8, 2010 at 7:04 pm

Diots and crozets

As the temperatures start dropping here in Grenoble, the food starts getting heartier and heartier. That’s why this hefty serving of diots and crozets looks like it’ll stick to your ribs, kind of like a first layer of natural insulation to get ready for winter.

In case diots and crozets mean about as much to you as kjpodijdk (no, that’s not a real word, at least that I know of), diots are sausages from the neighboring Savoie area. Since they’re sausage, they’re made of pork and maybe with a little cabbage mixed in to let your conscience convince you that yes, you are eating vegetables too. Oh, and they’re usually boiled in white wine with chopped onion. Just keep saying to yourself, “I’m getting my veggies too.”

That pile of alien mash in the back is zucchini purée (eat your greens, eat your greens…) on top of a bowl of piping crozets. Think thick lasagna sheets cut into confetti. You can mix in melted cheese for ooey gooey goodness, or like here, toss in a few mushrooms. Like the diots, the crozets are native to Savoie, but here in Grenoble, we eat a lot of both too when it gets a bit nippy out. Try to eat either in the summer and you’ll probably just suffocate.

And if you’re curious how the French handle all that, brush up on eating habits à la française.

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