Hong Kong Snacks

Food, What's New — By Shirley Yau on July 8, 2010 at 6:55 am

Even though supermarket food might not be the most convenient of places to hit up for a meal, Hong Kong supermarkets have many nooks and crannies that are littered with all sorts of interesting Hong Kong snacks.

Cup Noodles, dried mango, Jagabee and Popcorn

Nissan cup noodles, dried mangoes, Calbee Jagabee, popcorn and tofu dessert amongst the vast array of Hong Kong snacks found in supermarkets

Whether you want to check out Marketplace, Taste or Park’n Shop and Wellcome for some great culinary gems, Hong Kong snacks which will make the trek out well worth while. CitySuper or Marketplace is the place to shop for groceries but you can’t beat Tai Po Market for the freshest of everything.

Looking for snacks to take whilst travelling, you want to stay away from the cooked foods section when entering supermarkets, good quality bargain sushi is hard to come by in these supermarkets  but otherwise stick with the confectionary. Koala biscuits, Collons and other cute miscellaneous Japanese snacks are must buys.

Hong Kong snacks

Pretz, Panda Biscuits, Yum Yum cup and Koala biscuits are classic Hong Kong travel snacks that are kid friendly and convenient to take around

Lunching in the supermarkets doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, Three Sixty has re-opened with slicked up and refurbished touches to go with their wallet friendly local menu. Think iron and glass paneling and a scattering of wall art to make shopping an experience.

Locals are especially keen on getting Hong Kong style Tofu dessert, Plum juice and backed char siu buns are really good with fatty char siu in a bun that’s crispy on top. It’s sweet, salty, fatty and with plenty of texture…Nice!

Hong Kong Pineapple Bun

Despite being called a Pineapple Bun, these flaky pastries actually don't contain any pineapple. The top of the bun is checkered just like the exterior of a pineapple, which is probably how the name came about.

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