Where to watch sevens and sevens after party

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Where to Watch the Sevens

Inn Side Out
One of the best peanut bars in Hong Kong, munch on peanuts and enjoy tossing peanut shell on the floor. Chump without a ticket, eh? Stay close to the stadium and catch up on all the action on the big screen or chill out with a couple of pints on the outdoor patio. Sure, you won’t be in the thick of it, nor be able to casually brush up against throngs of scantily clad girls in costume, but once the final whistle blows, this popular peanut pub will be brimming with sevens fans.

Cheer on your sevens team (or whoever happens to be winning) with a pint of Guinness in hand. Big screen TVs, a huge bar, good pub grub and plenty of beers on tap— what more could you ask for?


With a prime location in Hong Kong's tallest building, RED is a must-visit for stunning views of Victoria Harbour and Kowloon peninsula provide a dramatic backdrop to RED’s large al fresco dining and entertainment area.

Catch the play-by-play action live on the big screens at both venues and fuel the fun with Heinekens at $50 a bottle ($260 for a bucket of six) at RED, on promo ‘til the end of the month. For every two bottles you purchase, you’ll be entered into a lucky draw for a limited edition Heineken Rugby World Cup scarf and other souvenir prizes.

Sevens After Party


A strict “name not down, not coming in” policy means that you have to present and wear your ticket in the form of a wristband the whole weekend to get access to the Champagne Tent on any of the three nights.

Leave your silly costumes at home for this one. Louis Roederer (makers of Cristal champagne) will be sponsoring the official party of the Sevens—a champagne tent built right inside the stadium. A $300 ticket grants you VIP access to the classier affair, where you can take a breather from the swamped stands and rub shoulders with players post-match or just cool down with a flute of bubbly any time of the day. The ticket doesn’t include drinks (or champagne, sadly), but there’ll be complimentary house drinks for the ladies on Friday evening and free drinks for all on Sunday for one hour after the final whistle blows.


Sevens in Hong Kong is the biggest happening event for expats, expect Lan Kwai Fong and Soho to be packed to the brim.

One of the newest bars to hit LKF specializing in molecular mixology, Hush isn’t staying quiet any longer. Relive your good ol’ college days by challenging your friends (or a complete stranger) to a game of beer pong from 7pm-10pm. It’s $200 to rent a table and they’ll even throw in a pitcher of beer, balls and cups. Several drink specials are on offer including a tub of twelve bottled Ed Hardy beers for $130 + 10 percent service charge.

For those who’ve gotten their fill of beer, opt for a bottle of red or white. Bulldog’s at Lan Kwai Fong is throwing in a free rugby T-shirt for every bottle of wine (or four glasses of wine) purchased.

Party like the Irish at The Shamrock Irish Pub on Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. If you can tackle The Shamrock Dirty Dozen—twelve different shots taken by one person within an hour—you’ll get a free rugby T-shirt (and probably irreversible liver damage while you’re at it).

The Globe
Or alternatively if you are looking for an alternative crowd then the Globe on 45 Graham Street in Central boasts one of the best selections of international beers in the city and a delish gastro-pub menu to boot, they’ll be broadcasting the matches live all weekend.

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