How I learnt Common Cantonese phrases that made me stand out from the crowd.

Travel Tips — By Shirley Yau on April 16, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Its a lifesaver to have a few common Cantonese phrases handy when you are in Hong Kong:
Hello – ‘Nei Ho’
Yes – ‘Hai’
No- ‘Mm Hai’
I know- ‘Zhi Dough’
Don’t know – ‘Mm Zhi Dough’
Thank you – ‘Mm Goi’
Sorry – ‘Deoi Mm Zhu’
Men’s toilet – ‘Larm Chi’
Women’s toilet – ‘Nui Chi’
Currency exchange – ‘Zhao whun deem’

When you are done with the finger pointing and want to know how to refer to yourself and other people in Cantonese:
You – ‘Nei’
Me – ‘Nhor’
Him – ‘Kui’
We – ‘Ngor Dey’

Or how to ask for directions for public transport:
Where is (destination name)? – ‘(Destination name) hai been’
How do I get to (destination) – ‘(Destination) dim hui’
How long is the trip? – ‘Gei loi’
Where do I get off? – ‘Been doe lok cher’

Cantonese phrases tailored for Hong Kong shopping 101:
How much – ‘Gey Chin?’
Can I try? – ‘Hor mm hor yee see har?’
I want this one – ‘Lee Gor’
I want that one – ‘Gor gore’
Cheaper! – ‘Peng D’
Too expensive – ‘Tai Gwai’
Give me discount – ‘Dar gore git tau’

Eating out at local tradition Chinese restaurants:
Menu – ‘Chan Pai’
Whats the signature dish? – ‘Jill Pai choi hai mut?’
I want what he is having (coupled by finger pointing at what that person sitting next to you is having) – ‘Mm goi tong kui yat yeung’
Still raw – ‘Mei Shook’
Small stir fry dishes – ‘Siu Choi’
Nissan Ramen/ instant noodles – ‘Choot Chin Yat Ding’
Tissue please – ‘Zhi ghan’
Spoon – ‘Zhi gan’
Chopsticks – ‘Fai zhi’
Fork – ‘Char’
Cup – ‘Buew’
Sugar – ‘Tong’
Salt – ‘Yim’
Salty – ‘Tai harm’
Too bland – ‘Tai tam’
Spicy/hot/chilli – ‘Laat’
Sour – ‘Shuen’
Bitter – ‘Fu’
Hot – ‘Yit’
Cold – ‘Dong’

Or Street slang that will sure make you stand out from the crowd:

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