Best Affordable Accommodations in Boise, Idaho

Hotels, Travel Tips — By njensen on September 14, 2011 at 8:31 pm

One of the great things about traveling to an out-of-the-way place like Idaho is that, by and large, things are cheaper here than, say, New York or Paris. And that includes lodging. Sure, we have plenty of swank hotels—enough for those who desire to stay in swank hotels. And we have a few upscale resorts. But aside from that, almost all accommodations are affordable and reasonably comfortable. Sadly for the traveler who likes to stay in places that provide local flavor, most of them are national chains that are the same everywhere.

Here are a few places that are not only affordable, but also offer you a little less sameness and a little more local:

Boise Guest House.  This is a quaint older home that has been transformed into individual suites for guests. Six rooms of varying sizes include a small kitchenette with coffee, TV, internet, and a queen bed.


Boise Guest House







Safari Inn. The architecture is pure mid-century motor inn, but the attitude is hospitality and comfort. There are even homemade chocolate chip cookies in the lobby for guests. Parking is free and abundant.

Lobby of the Safari Inn














The Owyhee Hotel. From the era of fine downtown hotels, the Owyhee shows its age, but it is reasonably priced and comfortable. Plus it has the advantage of being in the heart of Boise where you can walk to restaurants, bars, shops, and theater.

The pool at the Owyhee Plaza Hotel


  • maria jose says:

    Wow ! The pictures of hotels are really wonderful and so creative.One of the best thing about Idaho city is that the restaurant in this city is cheaper than that of New York or Paris.its a superb post. I like this post so much.

  • Dacey says:

    I don’t know what to say.I mean wow this is the best accommodation i ever saw it is perfect since it is cheapest and having the best facilities and it is a beautiful location for spending your holidays


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