Best Views in Idaho

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In a state marked by one stunning view after another, picking the best views is a challenge. But I have tried to capsulize what I think are some of the best. Keep in mind that you can see awesome views around every turn in the road in our state. So don’t feel limited to only these.

Best lake view: In my book, Lake Pend Oreille is the best lake in Idaho. It’s so huge that you can’t view the whole lake from just one spot, but I highly recommend getting on a boat and getting out into the middle of the lake for excellent views of this fantastic lake.

Lake Pend Oreille

Best waterfall view: You just can’t beat Shoshone Falls for sheer volume of water. Best time to see these falls is in spring when the winter snows are melting and flow is at its peak.

Best mountain view: My favorite mountains in Idaho are the Sawtooths, and I think some of the best views are from Galena Summit on the road between Stanley and Ketchum.

View from Galena Summit

Best mountain top view: Everyone has their own summit favorite, and I’m not big into climbing summits. However, I think you have to give this one to Mt. Borah, the tallest peak in Idaho.




Mt. Borah

Best river view: In the land of wild rivers, this is a hard one. But again, I’ve got to go with the consensus and choose the Salmon River. When people talk about wild rivers, this is the cream of the crop.



Salmon River

Best urban view:  Climb up to the top of Table Rock in Boise and look out over the valley. Awesome.

View from Table Rock

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