Avoid Post-Passover and Easter Blues in the Holy Land

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More than 50,000 Jews came to the Western Wall for the Blessing of the Priests last Thursday. Tens of thousands of Christians mobbed the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Via Dolorosa during Easter celebrations — but now the festivities are drawing to a close, as the Passover holiday ends on Monday evening and Easter winds down. Now what?

In the Old City, Jerusalem

Well, you can join the Jews of Moroccan origin in the festive Mimouna celebration that starts the minute the Passover dishes are stashed away on Monday night and continues all through the next day. Listen for the music and look for the gatherings of happy people noshing away at the mufletta (pancakes) and other desserts that mark this wonderful holiday. Gan Sacher, Jerusalem’s main urban park, is a good place to catch a Mimouna barbecue on Tuesday.

For the hardy ones who absolutely HAVE to have their bread right after the close of the Passover holiday: head for Angels or Berman Bakery on Beit Hadfus Street in the Givat Shaul neighborhood. The only item for sale is rolls.  White or whole wheat are the obly decision you’ll have to make; grab a bag, fill it up, stand in line to pay and head out to the street to savor that first taste of lovely leavened bread.

If you missed any sites in the Old City, now is the time to catch them sans the massive holiday crowds.


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