Best Pizza on Kaua`i

What's New — By jeckardt on September 28, 2011 at 12:56 am

On an island boasting a wide array of amazing Pacific Rim food, it’s not hard to find great pizza. Kaua`i’s Brick Oven Pizza has restaurants in two locations, the south side’s Kalaheo and the east side in Wailua. They offer an array of toppings a well as salads and appetizers.

It’s a good place to take the family and even for a casual date. It’s very child friendly, and they even offer balls of dough for children to play with while waiting for the food to come. For adults, there’s a nice array of beer both local and domestic. Kona Brewing Company’s longboard lager is a nice companion for a slice of pizza.

Thursday nights are all you can eat buffet night with a large array featuring a wide variety of options. Various types of pizza, salad, chicken wings, soup and more are all offered. The Kalaheo location is decorated with license plates from around the U.S. that all say Kaua`i or something Hawaii related. Flat screen televisions play sports and surfing but don’t dominate the atmosphere with the sound.

Prices are moderate but you will get a lot of food. It’s a very popular spot with locals and on any given night the place will be at least moderately busy with families enjoying time together. For a local twist on the pizza try a pineapple topping.