One Day in KL – A Cultural Experience

Travel Tips — By srajah on September 30, 2011 at 10:44 pm

If you had just one day in KL city, here’s a list of the top five cultural things you must do-

Photo Courtesy of the National Art Gallery

1. Browse works of art at the National Art Gallery
The building in itself is impressive, showcasing Malay architectural features that mingle with modern elements. Inside, you’ll find its expansive and contemporary interiors housing more than 3000 works of art. The National Art Gallery, while, introducing new contemporary local and foreign artists, also plays a role in charting the history of Malaysian art. Much of the space is dedicated to works of some of the country’s most influential. Look out for the works of local artists such as Yusof Ghani, Ibrahim Hussein and Ahmad Zaki Anwar.

2. Take in a performance under the stars at Sutra Dance Theatre
Step into Sutra Dance Theatre and hear the sounds of feet tapping to the rhythm of traditional Indian music. Dancers swivel and move their torsos under the watchful eye of their guru or master Ramli Ibrahim (one of the world’s most celebrated classical Indian dancers). Sutra Dance Theatre is housed in the Sutra House – which consists of a dance studio, an art gallery, library and the amazing 200-seat open-air amphitheater. With the sun, moon, and stars as its props, and luxuriant foliage as its backdrop, Amphi-Sutra is the perfect venue to witness Ramli and his dancers showcase their talent s in a magical way. October will see a series of outdoor performances that will surely captivate.

Photo Courtesy of KLPAC

3. Enjoy local theater at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC)
This former railway go-down has been cleverly transformed into a modern venue for musicals, plays, concerts and workshops. The space which now includes two theaters, a cafe, and an academy is home to the local arts community and a foster home for foreign troupes. The KLPAC calendar is packed year round with a host of experimental plays and dance performances featuring up and coming local talent. Pop in and get a feel of the state of the arts in the city.

4. Explore the heritage parts of town
Discover Chinatown and Brickfield’s Little India; these parts of town best illustrate the city’s living heritage. There’s plenty going on here – Chinatown with its canopied alleyways is crammed with stalls selling everything from knock-off Gucci and Prada to noodles, herbal medicine and dried foods. Brickfields, on the other hand, is packed with historic pre-war shop houses, which sell everything from spice and sundry to sarees, accessories and Indian delicacies. Much of the vibrant character of these two places has remained intact through the years.

5. Sample local food
Jalan Alor initiates the first-time traveller to the street food culture KL city is so famous for. This strip transforms at night when little lanterns light up the sky and plastic tables and chairs spill out onto the pavement. Jalan Alor buzzes with the sound of woks being stirred and the yell of orders from customers. Chefs cater to a wide range of requests from the regular grilled sting ray, oh-chien (oyster omelet), satay, rojak (tropical fruits mixed with savory peanut sauce), Hokkien fried noodles and barbeque chicken wings, to the more exotic frog porridge and crispy fried pig intestines.

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