Concierge Picks at the Truckee Hotel

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One of the main landmarks of the small town of Truckee, California near North Lake Tahoe  is the Truckee Hotel, smack dab in downtown. This haven for skiers, hikers and lovers of the Old West is a laid back, cozy and warm abode located in a historic building built in 1873. When staying here, it’s good to know that the some of the best bars and eateries are right around the corner, as proven by hotel concierge Mary Saucedo, a Truckee local who has been with the Truckee Hotel for a year and a half. She loves the beauty of the area around town and the friendly vibe of Truckee and mentioned that she was thrilled that she could look out the window and see both snow and sunshine at the same time.

Where do you send visitors when they want to have a drink in the neighborhood of your hotel?

Casa Baeza‘s margaritas are the best in town! But if you want wine, the Bar of America or Moody’s is a good place to go.

Where is the best place to take a date?

I recommend Pianeta right in downtown, Moody’s or the Fifty Fifty Brewery by the Best Western. Or if you just want a sports bar or burger the Blue Coyote Bar and Grill behind the 7-11 is a really good place too.

Where would you go on a Girl’s night?

Hmmm…I don’t know about that one, but if it was just a girl’s night out the best place would be Moody’s, it’s the fanciest place here.



Where would you go on a Guy’s night?

Either the Blue Coyote or any of the bars downtown: the Casa Baeza or the Tourist Club and the Pastime Club. These are perfect for guys because it’s all just all drinking and stuff.

Where can people go for a good local vibe?

Moody’s has live jazz music on Thursday, Friday  and Saturday nights or during the week you can go to the Pastime Club.

Where do you like to go out?

Everywhere! Well, when it comes to me going out, I just go down to Reno. I’m not 21 yet.

Pastime Club

Pastime Club

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  • Pharaonick says:

    What a great idea to ask the concierge about her recommendations… even if she isn’t 21 yet!!

  • Tyler says:

    I’m quite pleased to see that B of A made it on your top picks list. I don’t know if they put something in the beer, but after a long day of shredding the pow pow on Granite Chief, a frosty one at the Bar of America gets me in the mood to make sweet moves.

  • Susan Wise says:

    I also like the suggestions for live jazz — a little bit of culture and relaxation after a day on the slopes.


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