An Offer You Can’t Refuse: The Mob Museum

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Downtown Las Vegas, 1961

Las Vegas may not have a long history, but the history it does have is sensational and interesting. Part of Vegas’ enduring image involves the mobsters of its past, and the Mob Museum intends to tell that story. Currently scheduled to open in the spring of 2011, the Mob Museum’s website has a new slide show about the Mafia, Las Vegas, and the museum.

The museum will be located in downtown Las Vegas, in the Old Las Vegas Post Office, and it’s an apt building selection. When this historic building was a courthouse, it was one of the sites in which Senator Estes Kefauver held his 1950 hearings on organized crime. Next year, the renovated building will house exhibits that tell the Mob’s story. You’ll certainly get to learn about the Mob’s heydays in Las Vegas, roughly from the mid-1940s to the late 1980s, but the museum isn’t limiting the story to Las Vegas mobsters. One of the exhibits is the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall, where seven men were killed in a Mob conflict involving Al Capone’s gang.


Upper right photo of the Las Vegas sign courtesy of Dan4th Nicholas

Photo of downtown Las Vegas courtesy of Dan Perry

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