Photo Friday in Las Vegas: Name This Hotel

Hotels — By thmeeks on July 2, 2010 at 9:06 pm

This hotel’s entrance has a certain science fiction, outer space feeling that’s unlike anything inside the hotel itself. The building has changed names over the years. In its first incarnation, this hotel had a Jai Alai court.  It’s home to a lavish stage production, and its Sunday brunch is famous in Las Vegas. This Vegas hotel casino is the subject of an interesting myth—that it was imploded and re-built—which is completely false. If you watched “Honeymoon in Vegas,” this hotel—minus its space-agey exterior—was where the Flying Elvi landed.  Got it figured out?  Scroll down the to the photo credits to see if you’re right.


Photo Friday shot of Bally’s walkway courtesy of Konrad Summers

Photo of Bally’s exterior decoration courtesy of twoblueday/gerry

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