What’s a Resort Fee?

Travel Tips — By thmeeks on December 17, 2010 at 1:20 am

Las Vegas visitors may find a surprise in their hotel bills: the dreaded resort fee that more and more U.S. hotels are charging. What is this mysterious resort fee? It’s an extra charge for things like Internet access, daily newspaper delivery, local calls, faxes, the use of the fitness center, and a variety of other goodies and discounts, depending upon the hotel. It’s not an optional fee, however, which makes some guests feel like it’s a sneaky way to charge more for the same room.

Resort fees in Las Vegas range from $3.00 at the off-the-Strip Gold Coast to $25.00 at M Resort in Henderson. Not all Vegas hotels charge the fee–most notably the Harrah’s Group (Caesars Palace, Harrah’s, Planet Hollywood, Paris, Rio, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, and Bally’s) which has vocally opposed the practice.

How can you avoid a resort fee? Be sure to ask about the fee when you book your room. Several properties are still resort-fee-free–not just the Harrah’s Group–but since rates and policies change frequently, always ask. Both Aria and Bellagio recently began charging a resort fee, and in this tough economy, you may see more Las Vegas hotels tacking on an additional charge for the niceties.


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  • Hollis says:

    Interesting summery. BUT… darned if we didn’t have to pay a *mandatory* resort fee during our last few stays at Planet Hollywood. (We chose PH because, at that time, it was the only Starwood property on the Strip, and I was elgible for points and upgrades.) First time, it was a surpirse, and I successfuly got it reversed because no one had alerted me at any point before checkout. After that, all bets were off. Since PH is no longer part of the Starwood family, I have no reason to “prefer” that hotel, but will be on the lookout for sneaky fees and gimmicks on the Strip. Thanks!

  • thmeeks says:

    Thanks for tip on Planet Hollywood — very interesting that even the places so outspoken against these fees are still sneaking in surprises! I’d caution travelers everywhere, no matter what their destination is, to ask about resort fees. It’s a growing trend & one that really ticks people off.

  • John says:

    Why anyone would be so stupid to go to Las Vegas for pleasure in the first place is beyond me?
    So who cares? …go spend your money somewhere real.

  • Terrisa says:

    Gosh, John, sorry to hear you feel that way about Las Vegas! I guess everyone’s idea on what’s enjoyable/pleasurable is different. Vegas may not be for everyone, but you can say that about any place.


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