LAVO Las Vegas: More Than a Nightclub

Food — By thmeeks on March 29, 2011 at 1:04 am

LAVO Las Vegas at the Palazzo was created by the same people behind TAO at the Venetian. Both places have a dual personality (and names that are in all capitals). Both are a restaurant and nightclub.

If you’re in the mood for a trendy Italian restaurant, LAVO might be the place for you. The atmosphere is casual, but definitely upscale. The nightclub is upstairs, and earlier in the evening, when most diners are out, the nightclubbing crowd hasn’t yet arrived. From LAVO’s terrace or even the indoor seats that face the Strip, you’ve got a good view of the Sirens and Pirates show across the street at the TI. Celebrity-watchers should be on the lookout here, since the photographic and famous are often spotted at LAVO.

LAVO’s most well-known item is the Kobe Beef Rice Ball, a.k.a. really big meatball made from first-class beef. It’s one of those appetizers that could actually be a meal for some people. LAVO is one of many restaurants that puts its menu online, giving diners the option to look at what’s offered before making a reservation. You’ll find most Italian-American standards here, including a full range of pasta and pizza, and a selection of steaks. For desert you’re not limited to Italian sweets like Tiramisu—you can have fried Oreos instead.

LAVO just opened the Terrace Beer Garden Social Hour on their patio—open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.: $5 draft beer and $5 bellinis (small plates). If you’ve always wanted to check out LAVO, this is probably the least expensive way to do it.

Quick LAVO wrap-up:

Pros: Great location and ambiance, celebrity spotting opportunities

Cons: Expensive


Photo courtesy of Terrisa Meeks

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