Photo Friday in Las Vegas: The Strip, Downtown, and Beyond

Hotels, Things to Do — By thmeeks on April 8, 2011 at 5:26 pm

Las Vegas might be a desert, but if you’re a photographer who loves to capture reflections, you’ll find some great opportunities here. The Bellagio’s lake makes a lovely mirror when it’s not in the middle of a fountain show. In this shot, the moon and Caesars Palace appear on its shallow waters.

Bellagio and Caesars represent iconic Las Vegas, but the city’s skyline is constantly changing. In this picture, the lights of  the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas’ newest hotel casino, give a new dash of blue to the Strip.

Downtown Las Vegas might not be the only place you’ll see Elvis, but it’s probably the place where he appears most at home. And the vintage feel might be just right for Austin Powers. Rock stars, of course, are at home anywhere in Vegas.

Hoover Dam may be an architectural wonder, but the bypass bridge that now diverts US93 around the dam–officially the Mike O’Callaghan/Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge–is pretty impressive itself. The good news is that Hoover Dam is now far more pedestrian friendly. The bad news is that acrophobic visitors will not find the 900-foot high bridge any better than the 726-foot high dam.


Photographs courtesy of Rian Castillo, Dan, JulieFaith, and sean hobson

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