How to get to Lima South Beaches

Things to Do, What's New — By Isabel Guerra on January 14, 2011 at 3:03 pm
Leon Dormido Beach, Lima, Peru.

Leon Dormido Beach, Lima, Peru. (Photo: Turismo Peru)

Following our last post, we will tell you now how to get to Lima South Beaches.

Basically, there are four ways: a) Being invited by someone (no instructions required!), b) driving (if you can rent a car –and your nerves can stand Lima’s heavy traffic), c) hiring the services of a van or minivan driver (vehicle included) and d) using public transportation (the cheapest).

If you a) are invited by someone… relax and enjoy!

If you decide to b) rent a car, there are some good and prestigious car rentals businesses in Lima. We will provide a more detailed guide on this in the next blog post.

The alternative c) seems OK for everyone, but requires some help from locals (either friends or your hotel’s clerks). Many private van or mini bus owners/drivers will take you and your friends to the south beaches, wait there a few hours and take you all back to Lima for a flat fee, that may range from $40 to $100, depending on the distance, the time, the size of the vehicle, if it’s a particular service or there is a company involved, and the services included. However, you will need some local help to get in touch with one of these drivers, and to negotiate with him/her.

Using d) public transportation will work if you are on a tight budget, but remember, don’t try this on weekends: buses will be too crowded and traffic jams will be at their worst. Ask your hotel clerk on how to get to the Panamericana Sur buses, and once there, take any bus or combi (minibus) with the sign “playas” on it. You can also ask the fare collectors, who usually yell the next stops’ names so everyone can know. You may need a some 90 minutes trip to get to the beaches, so… be patient.


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