Easter Holidays in Lima: The Passion of Christ.

Events, Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New — By Isabel Guerra on April 17, 2011 at 4:00 pm
cerro san cristobal lima good friday Peru

Peruvian actor Mario Valencia performing the Via Crucis in Lima (Photo: Carlos Diaz/Flickr)

The Peruvian artist Mario Valencia, who has performed in Lima a live representation of the Passion of Christ during almost 30 years, will do so again this year, on Friday, April 22nd, Good Friday,[in Spanish] at the Cerro San Cristóbal (San Cristobal Hill).

The performance will reunite more than 100 actors, professionals and amateurs. Valencia will start his Via Crucis on Good Friday, carrying a 90kg. cross, touring seven churches located in the Limenian districs of Rimac and Lima Downtown.

As usual, he will start his walk at the bottom of the San Cristobal around noon, heading to the peak (408m high), where there is a 20m. tall illuminated cross, than can easily be seen during the nights from many Lima districts. 

A crowd of thousands, between locals and foreigners, follows this kind of procession, that covers some 22km in total, and includes the very steep 7km section to reach the top of the hill.

Valencia has told the press that he does this to pay a promise made to God many years ago, “because he took me out from the hell I was living.” 

If you decide to join this procession and take a look, go with your friends, stay together and remember not to wear any expensive gear or cameras since the route includes some not very safe spots in Lima.