For foodies: “Causa limeña”, a must while in Lima, Peru

Food, Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New — By Isabel Guerra on May 30, 2011 at 4:26 pm
causa limeña 1 lima peru

Causa Limeña, stuffed with seafood (Photo: Patrick Aljord/Flickr)

The fame of Peruvian gastronomy is increasing, and you probably have heard something about its flagship dish, the ceviche (fish fillets marinated in lime juice). But there is a lot more to see and try, and we encourage you to try the “Causa Limeña”, not only because you are not likely to find it anywhere else but in Lima, Peru, but also because it is  delicious.

Basically, the “Causa” is a is a cold, layered potato dish, an entreé made with layers of mashed yellow potato (mashed with lime juice, a fre oil drops and some yellow chili) which come stuffed with… almost anything you can imagine. Due to the soft flavors and texture of this Peruvian potato, it goes well with almost anything. You can find “causas” stuffed with shredded chicken meat, with seafood, with native veggies, etc. It usually comes served with a little mayonnaise, lime juice, hot peppers, salt and black pepper.

This is one of the most popular Limenian dishes, but it is also served and prepared almost anywhere else in Peru, and each cook adds his/her special ingredient or personal touch: it is one of the most required appetizers for creole buffets. And the most interesting thing; it is popular among fancy restaurants but also in small, cheap ones.

And it’s even better if served with some cold, white wine.

Bon appetit!

causa rellena 2 lima peru

A home-made causa, stuffed with shreded chicken breast (Photo: Greg Ma/Flickr)

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