Lunch Time: Seafood in Lima, Peru

Food, Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Isabel Guerra on August 11, 2011 at 5:11 pm

Jalea (grilled fish with seafood fries and salad). Lima, Peru. (Photo: Lauracarrie/Flickr)

Being located by the sea, Lima has of course many, many restaurants with a wide offer of seafood. It is actually very difficult to suggest any, since odds are that most of them will have great dishes, and sometimes a small, hidden, unknown place can surprise us with a memorable meal. However, we will name a few places that we know for sure that will grant you a great lunch or dinner.

Speaking about seafood, you cannot miss the national flagship dish: the famous ceviche. You probably have heard of it: raw fresh fish fillets marinated in lime juice. Simple, spicy and perfect for a hot day, each restaurant add its own touch. Recommended spots: La Mar, owned by the Peruvian cuisine guru Gaston Acurio; Sonia, a hidden place in Chorrillos, by the fishermen’s dock; Punta Sal and Segundo Muelle and Punto Azul are also famous for their variety of ceviches, and are conveniently located in Miraflores and San Isidro.

But in case you prefer not to try raw fish, Peruvian seafood is a lot more than just ceviche. You really should try the “Jalea” (grilled fish fillets with lots of seafood as garnish), the traditional “Parihuela” ( a kind of very think, rich soup made with fish, seafood, “chicha de jora”, paprika, etc.), the “Arroz con Mariscos” (Rice and Seafood), the “Chupe de Camarones” (Shrimp Soup) and many other delicious options. Some places: El Veridico de Fidel, Cordano, Sonia, El Pez Amigo, El Kapallaq, Pescados Capitales and again, Segundo Muelle.

Fusion cuisine has some amazing results when working with Peruvian seafood. You can have a taste of them at places like Niqei, Señor Limon and Costanera 700.

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