Superhero Couture: Batman’s Tailor Opens Shop in Madrid

What's New — By Sarah E. Rogers on January 20, 2011 at 11:59 am

Those superheroes and supervillains really seem to have it all: secret identities, superpowers/super gadgets, and super costumes. That last one is thanks to one Mr. Lee, tailor to illustrious residents from Gotham and Metropolis.

And now it’s your turn.

Gotham Meets Madrid

To get your own superhero/villain costume, you can reserve an appointment at Sastrería Mr. Lee before January 29. Mr. Lee will ask you about the characteristics of your super secret powered identity and take your measurements. His team will create a drawing of your costume, a 3-D image and an estimate. (Rumor has it an original costume will set you back around 400 euros if you decide to go ahead and have it made.)

Ready to conquer Madrid? What’s your superhero name?

Even if you don’t want to commission a costume, you can still take a peek at some famous superhero duds and say hello to Mr. Lee at the 1934 style shop. Calle Quiñones, 15 28015 Madrid (the closest Metro stop is San Bernardo).

Reality check: The tailor to the superheroes will disappear on January 29, as it’s really an elaborate PR gimmick to promote DC Universe Online for the Playstation 3.

[Photo: DC Universe Online]

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