Manila and its NAIA airport- like a beautiful kingdom that needs a new entrance..

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As much as I love the Philippines, there are many things I just don’t quite understand. The state of the international airport in Manila is one of them. It is not only long been considered old, dingy, and just sad but lately, it would seem to be literally.. falling apart. First the ceiling fell,…

And then there were the bees…

The Philippine government and private sector have made tremendous (and very successful) efforts to promote travel to the country, yet it is as if they have left the doorway to a beautiful palace (i.e. Philippines) in a state of disarray. Not only is this ironic, it could also appear counterproductive.

Now if you wanted people to come to your home, would you not logically make the first thing they see the most welcoming and engaging of experiences?

Luckily, the beauty and magic of the country’s more than 7000 islands continue to attract more and more travelers annually from all over the world- and the Philippines is becoming the “secret garden” of Southeast Asia, a place where those who want to discover the “next great thing” will explore.

Thankfully, these travelers do not let the doorway to this new world influence the light in which they see the country. But wouldn’t it be nice if someday soon, the Manila airport that greets them upon arrival to this undiscovered world could be something which complements the natural beauty of what lays beyond it?

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  • Daniel says:

    After World War II, Manila had one of the highest living standards in Asia… above that of Hong Kong and Singapore etc. In fact, domestic helpers from Southern China (where Hong Kong is located) would go abroad to the Philippines to serve in Manila households. The opposite is true today. Today warm Filipino smiles can be found around the globe in all sectors of the economy as so many citizens of that country seek better work opportunities abroad. It’s a shame how things in the Philippines have slid down hill since the 50’s and 60’s. Gotta fix that “front entrance” because there is really so much culture, substance, talent, and beauty within that country! If you have ever met someone from the Philippines, you’ll know what I mean.


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