Head Upcountry this Weekend for Two Great Events

Events — By keithdevey on June 11, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Once again Maui surprises its visitors with a unique local activity, open to all.  Maui’s famous paniolos (cowboys) will be celebrating  their heritage and lifestyle at the Upcountry Fair this weekend.  If you plan on attending, you will be treated with a combination 4-H livestock show, farmer’s market, rodeo, food, rides, and displays.  Local live entertainment includes George Kahumoku, Jr., Benny Uyetake, Richard Hoopii, Marty Dread, and several bands.

The Upcountry Fair will be taking place in cool and scenic Makawao.  The Oskie Rice Field and Arena is located on Olinda Road, and the fair runs from 8 until 4 Saturday (June11) and Sunday (June 12).  So, come on up, enjoy some food treats and constant entertainment as Hawaii’s paniolo celebrate their ranching past.

Our second upcountry activity centers around Kula’s famous Holy Ghost Church.  Built over a hundred years ago, Holy Ghost is a registered landmark with impressive views of Maui’s valley and surrounding ocean.  Parish members are sponsoring their annual Holy Ghost Feast this Saturday and Sunday (June 11-12).  The church community offers a free meal to all its island extended family and community.  This tradition goes years back and shares Aloha in celebration of the past year’s blessings.  The featured food is laulau, and if you don’t know what that is, you must come to Kula for a taste.  Laulau is savory beef or pork wrapped and baked in ti leaves until the meat is tender and moist.  The salty treat tastes a little like corned beef.  At Holy Ghost, there will be games, auctions, farmer’s market, and entertainment. While the church has activities on both days, the feast itself is only on Sunday, with 4 seatings beginning at 11:15 am spread 45 minutes apart.  Holy Ghost is an octagonal church set just above the main Kula Highway and visible from most parts of Maui.

What a deal!  Two free, local events, and each is sure to enhance your Maui experience.  Even the drive upcountry offers the special thrill of blooming purple jacaranda trees.  This weekend set aside your board shorts and swimsuits and get out your cowboy hat and boots.

[Image source: Flickr user Whitney GH]