Alley Art Surprises in Santa Cruz

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Check out the original from Michelle Fitzsimmons
What's New — By mfitzsimmons on September 26, 2011 at 9:04 pm

Walking down Pacific Ave., you might catch a giant holding a vinyl record or a peaceful French countryside out of the corner of your eye. Back tracking, you peer down what you thought was a non-descript alley to find a building’s entire side splashed with paint, a scene from another world brushed on the plaster and stucco.

One of Santa Cruz’s charms are these huge public murals, most conceived and created by local artists. The one pictured here is down “Jazz Alley,” right before the intersection of Laurel and Pacific. Follow the cobblestone road to The Poet and The Patriot and Kuumbwa Jazz Center and keep your eyes open for more architectural alley art.

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