Munich city founding festival, Stadtgründungsfest

Events — By Mike Richardson on May 24, 2011 at 11:31 am

Munich is a young city and so we still celebrate its founding every year until it becomes an adult at some stage.  This year Munich will be 853 years old. (The neighboring city of Augsburg is 2026 years old this year, if you want to claim Munich as old)

As with every year the city celebrates with a festival downtown between Marienplatz (the city center) and Odeonsplatz (about a ten minute walk north of Marienplatz).  There will be stages with music at Marienplatz as well as crafts and food from all over the area sold from carts on all pedestrian roads downtown.

This can be great if you enjoy hordes of people and get into the spirit of it or it could be awful if you like your space and want to see the city that weekend.  You should expect massive numbers of people downtown to the point where you will be extremely slowly pushed through the city.

When: 18.06.-19.06.2011

Where: Downtown Munich, between Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz

Cost: It’s free!

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