What to pack for winter in Munich

Travel Tips — By Mike Richardson on October 25, 2011 at 4:20 pm

When most people think of a winter time trip to Germany they think of two things:  Christmas markets and snow.   The Christmas markets are very much all outside and run from late November until just before Christmas, but we can get snow all the way to April.

I’ve worked as a tour guide for over seven years which means I’ve been outside nearly every day in the weather that everyone else simply complains about and goes about their business indoors.  One of the things guides talk to each other the most about is what various tourists wore on their tours and how horrible of a decision it was to not look at the weather forecast.

The most important thing is waterproof!  Although most people think of snow, more often than not what we get throughout the winter here in Munich is rain at temperatures just barely above freezing.  If you’re sightseeing in the city or of nearby castles, you’re going to be very glad you chose waterproof clothing.  Make sure to have an umbrella, waterproof shoes, and a waterproof jacket.

Our winter temperatures hover around freezing which means at night it can feel extremely cold, yet during the day it’s usually not so bad as long as you stay dry, dress in layers, and have a proper winter jacket (which is waterproof).  If venturing outside of Munich (for example to Neuschwanstein) you will definitely be happy to have boots.  Again, make sure they are waterproof boots.

Other than that, gloves and a stocking cap may seem “cute” to people that are not from colder countries, but make sure to have them when you visit Munich in the winter.

Daily mean temperatures in Munich are around 0C (32F), with average highs of 4C (39F) and average lows of -4C (25F).  It rains or snows about 10 days each of the winter months and it can easily be either rain or snow so you will have to be prepared for both.

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