Top 10 Off the Beaten Path Things to Do

Things to Do — By Mike Richardson on December 15, 2011 at 8:05 pm

Munich’s main sights are great, but sometimes it is more fun to see and do things that differentiate your trip from everyone else’s trips.  These are some of the best off the beaten path things to do in or near Munich.  Included in this list are only places within one hour of the city center of Munich.

  1. Isar River Rafting – Rafting down the fast flowing Isar River with a brass band and a keg of beer sounds quite appealing to many visitors and if it sounds good you as well, you should check out more information here:
  2. Grünwald Castle – Grünwald is a southern suburb of Munich easily accessable by a tram (street car).  Grünwald castle, dating from the 13th century, is the most impressive castle in the Munich area and is open as a museum.
  3. Blutenburg Castle – Blutenburg (blood castle) is a beautiful castle in a park on the western side of the city.  Although there is nothing to tour inside, there is a restaurant/cafe in the courtyard and you can visit the castle chapel.  It’s definitely worthwhile for a summer afternoon.
  4. Andechs Monastery – A full day trip from Munich if you consider the S-bahn, the hike, and a meal.  This is a trip that is usually mentioned in guide books, but gets very few foreigners because of its awkward location for travelers.
  5. Egyptian Museum – The Egyptian museum of Munich, although technically inside one of the city’s biggest draws, the Residenz, is just enough out of the way that most tourists overlook it.
  6. Weihenstephan Brewery – The oldest continuously operating brewery in the world.  The brewery offers group tours and has a lovely beer garden.  It’s located in Freising, which is a town at the end of the S-bahn line and very close to Munich’s airport.
  7. Therme Erding – One of Europe’s largest spa complexes with Europe’s largest array of waterslides, there is something for anyone who enjoys water at the Therme Erding.  It’s popular with romantics, families, and even the elderly making it truly one of those places that everyone seems to love.
  8. Schleissheim Palace – Designed to be the largest summer palace complex of the Wittelsbach family (which would also make it the largest baroque palace in all of Germany today), only the main buildings are left standing.  You’ll have a massive beautifully baroque palace nearly to yourself even at the height of the season making this perfect for romantics.  It’s a short 20 minute S-bahn ride to Oberschleissheim, followed by a five minute walk to the palace grounds.
  9. Fürstenfeld Abby – Unlike the other monasteries on the list, this one is not a brewery.   The reason for visiting the Fürstenfeld Abby is the sheer beauty of the church.  Directly on the beaten path tour guides talk about the monastery and why it was built, but rarely do tourists actually take the time to ride twenty minutes out of town to the famous monastery.
  10. Bavaria Film studios – The Bavaria Film Stadt is famous for producing films such as Das Boot and The Never Ending Story.  Have a guided tour of one of the largest film studio complexes in Europe.

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