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25 Museums of Munich

March 15, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
Some people are palace people, some are castle people, some are party people, but there is also that rare breed known as the museum type.  When in Munich, as with most major cities, you should probably visit a few museums.  If you are, in fact, one of the rare breed of museum goers that can do it all...

Best Cheap Eats in Munich

Best Cheap Eats in Munich November 24, 2011 | Food | Read More
Munich is an expensive city and knowing where to eat cheaply means you will have more money to spend on museum entrances, tours, and more traveling.  The cheapest and best option for the extremely price conscious among us would be to live off of döner kebab as much as you can.  Döner kebab is a German-Turkish...

Helpful Phrases

Helpful Phrases October 30, 2011 | Travel Tips | Read More
Germany is a very English friendly country where most people you meet will speak a reasonable amount of English (even if their accent is a little thick).  However, memorizing a few phrases such as these will make things a little easier. Where is the toilet? Wo ist die Toilette? (vo ist dee toy-let-ah) Where...

August and September Festivals in and Around Munich

August and September Festivals in and Around Munich July 25, 2011 | Things to Do | Read More
Munich is famous for its Oktoberfest, but it is certainly not the only festival coming up. In fact, many people prefer the smaller more local festivals. The reasons for this vary from having a more authentic feel to simply being able to get good food and beer easier and cheaper.  As we mentioned a couple...

Ayingers Wirtshaus am Platzl

Ayingers Wirtshaus am Platzl April 7, 2011 | Food | Read More
This relatively new beer hall is located directly across the street from the famous Hofbräuhaus and right next to the Hard Rock café.  Nearly always busier than the Hofbräuhaus itself, this place has great food and beer, but at a price.  In fact, this is often used as an alternative to the Hofbräuhaus...

Löwe am Markt Gaststätte

Löwe am Markt Gaststätte March 30, 2011 | Food | Read More
The “Lion at the Market” is a small Bavarian restaurant with a great location right near the center of Munich at the Viktualienmarkt.  It has a cozy atmosphere, but tends to be busy every night of the week, so if you like the look of the place and the location make sure to make a reservation. ...

Weisses Bräuhaus

Weisses Bräuhaus March 24, 2011 | Food | Read More
This beer hall is in every guidebook for its intriguing menu, excellent location, and good beer.  Before World War II it was the location of a brewery, but today it’s one of the busiest beer halls in town.  It’s not considered among the major beer halls, however, as its brewery is not among the...

Augustiner Großgaststätten

Augustiner Großgaststätten February 24, 2011 | Food | Read More
The Augustiner Großgaststätten is probably the easiest to find major beer hall in the city.  It’s located right on the main pedestrian shopping street between the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and Marienplatz (the central square).  This former location of the actual Augustiner brewery is one...


Spatenhaus February 17, 2011 | Food | Read More
The Spatenhaus is the flagship beer hall of the Spaten brewery.  Unlike the other breweries in town,   Spaten only do one type of beer, the Helles.  Helles is the best selling type of beer in Munich as well as being primarily what tourists drink while they are here.  Helles means bright, as in color,...

The Löwenbräu Keller

The Löwenbräu Keller January 19, 2011 | Food | Read More
In recent Wednesday restaurant highlights I’ve covered a few of the big flagship beer halls of the Munich breweries and today I’ll continue with that theme.  The Löwenbräu Keller is Löwenbräu’s big bad beer hall and it is hard to beat. Located across the road from the brewery itself and only...
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