The Top 10 Nightlife Destinations in New Delhi, Hic…

Nightlife, Things to Do — By Sanjay Kumar on June 18, 2010 at 2:11 pm

Our undercover operatives spread out across town, ordered martinis, ‘shaken, not stirred’, looked immeasurably cool (not that anyone noticed), shook a leg, blended in with the crowd, and performed standard evasive maneuvers to shake off the ensuing hangovers before turning in their field reports.

A complete debrief and independent cross-checking by local pub regulars has verified what the head office long suspected. Delhi has a rocking nightlife. Based on their ground level intel and the thermal imagery analysis from the eye-in-the-sky, we have identified ten potential watering holes for the visiting tourist.

Remember, the information given here is current and can change suddenly due to a number of factors. And don’t hold the agents responsible for any great experience you have. They were never there.

New Delhi: Top 10 Nightlife Destinations.

Personnel with level 3 clearance can access the complete top ten list here. End of transmission. Hic…

(Photo Courtesy: The Park)

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