$5 Cultural Thing To Do in Delhi: See a Bollywood Film

Things to Do — By Sanjay Kumar on October 5, 2010 at 4:06 am

What do you get in $5? Pretty much everything if you are watching a Bollywood Blockbuster film. At a ticket price of around Rs.250 (roughly $5) you get three hours of unadulterated song, dance, action, emotion, romance all packaged together in one thrilling ride. Catching a movie in New Delhi is pretty easy. Almost every mall has a multiplex with a mix of popular movies running. New movies are released every Friday. How to choose which one to go for? Ask a local which is the current hit and just breeze in. I went in for the current hit ‘Dabaang’. A story set in small-town North India that is the domain of a local thug, counterpoised by the partly corrupt, partly heroic and partly comic local cop. In Bollywood parlance, this is what is known as the ‘masala’ (spicy) movie. This type of movie is typically weak on the storyline but big on set situations. Here’s what to expect:

The Hero: Master Of All he Surveys

The Romance: With The Mandatory Song

The Fight Sequence: Boy, Does The Baddie Get It Bad...

The Fantasy Song: Hero, Heroine Transport Magically To Exotic Locales

The Shootout: The Hero Always Wins, Is Indestructible

Tough Love: Poster Captures Essence Of Film

(Pictures’ Courtesy: www.dabanggthefilm.com)

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