How To Dress Like A Delhiwallah

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By Sanjay Kumar on October 20, 2010 at 4:55 am

The first thing that hits you when you arrive in India is the vibrant colors all around. Especially the saris worn by Indian women. A sari is basically a large piece of cloth that is draped in different styles depending on which part of India you are in. The choice of fabric – from cotton to silk depends on the occasion. The other popular item of clothing among women is the Kurti. These are knee-length cotton tops worn on skirts, pants or churidars.

So, if you are a woman, the best way to go is to try a short kurti over your existing jeans or skirt. The Sari is a tricky one. You will need the help of someone tie it for you. But if you achieve that it is one of the most stylish dresses around. Don’t forget tha accessories to go with the Indian ‘look’. The bindi (small colorful stickers for the forehead) is an all time favorite. And then there is a huge range of beautiful jewelery to pick from.

For the guys, as usual, the choice is somewhat limited. The best thing to do is to go in for the long-flowing cotton tops called Kurtas. They are immensely comfortable. They come with lowers called pajamas. if it is cold, a short, half-coat called the bandi completes the look.

The best place for women to pick up tops are Paharganj (inexpensive) or Fab India outlets (Expensive). Another good option is to go for Khadhi tops, kurtis, and kurtas at the Khadi Bhawan in Connaught Place.

There you have it. Put on the dress and put ‘na‘ at the end of every sentence, for example: “It is very hot, na?” People will think you are pucca Delhiwallah.

Kurtas hit all the right fashion notes

The sari is one of the most elegant dresses in the world.

(Photos courtesy: Peter Davis , Karmalize , add1sun)