Stuck in New Delhi Airport During the Holidays? Enjoy It!

Travel Tips — By Sanjay Kumar on November 3, 2010 at 4:45 am

Every traveler knows that this can strike any time. The forced layover. Time to kill at an airport that you were just meant to be transiting through. All well-laid plans vanish faster than bags from the conveyor belt. That empty sinking, desolate feeling…well enough of whining, the thing to do when traveling is to be bright, peppy and have a ‘take-it-as-it-comes’ attitude. Right?

Well then, if it so happens that you are stuck at New Delhi’s swank new airport you are in luck. Not only is the airport designed like a mini-city by itself but is also well connected to the city so that you can do a quick in and out to a number of places of interest.

Assuming you have around six hours in between flights, you can choose to laze around in the airport itself. What all to expect? Well, here is a detailed write up.

The Bustle outside Jama Masjid: An hour away from the Airport

If you want to do a quick tour of the city, hop in to one of the pre-paid taxies and ask him to take you straight to Jama Masjid. Spend around an hour there. Marvel at the Red Fort across the road ( you don’t have time to go to the red fort, so just take a few pictures), then depending on the time of your visit grab a wonderful meal at Karim’s. Take a rickshaw to Chawri Bazaar to experience its hustle and bustle. Take the metro from chawri to Connaught Place. Taxi back to the airport. There, your flight is already on to the security check. Bon voyage and happy traveling!

(Photo: Sanjay Kumar)


  • luton airport taxis says:

    it is abosultley chaos but better then come airports i just warn you if u need the loo take loo rolls with you india doesnt use loo roll


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