Hot Dogs in New York City, Classic Dogs vs. New Wave Wieners

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There aren’t many places that consider the hot dog a delicacy, but the summertime classic has been revamped in New York City and just as with pizza (read on for a guide to New York’s best slices), street food-made-gourmet has never been hotter or more delicious.

Here are New York’s classic hot dog establishments as well as innovative new takes on a wiener in a bun.


Gray’s Papaya/Papaya King

This New York City staple can be found on many a local street corner, but don’t be confused, there are several other Papaya chains as well, but stick to Gray’s Papaya and Papaya King. The two are fairly similar, both offer tasty all-beef hot dogs, but Papaya King has more options, spicier mustard, and will top your dog with cole slaw.

Nathan's Famous

Nathan's hot dogs in Coney Island.

Nathan’s Famous

Head straight to Coney Island for this classic New York treat, but don’t bother with their other locations. This storefront plays host to the Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest, which has to count for something. Plus, there’s nothing like a good snappy hot dog at the beach.

Katz’s Deli

While you may be tempted to try matzo ball soup or corned beef at this famous Jewish deli, their hot dogs are not to be ignored. Their dogs are grilled and piled high with sauerkraut.

New Wave:

Crif Dogs

Crif Dogs' famously innovative hot dogs.

Crif Dog

Arguably the first place in the city to take hot dogs to the next level, this small East Village shop serves hot dogs named after and inspired by famous New York City chefs. The David Chang Dog takes after the Asian-meets-New American flavors of his Momofuku chain while the Wylie Dog takes a stab at Wylie Dufresne’s love for molecular gastronomy. For the full experience, book a seat at PDT, the cocktail bar that you enter through Crif Dogs and order from the menu next door.

Asia Dog

Located every weekend at the Brooklyn Flea, this small hot dog operation makes hot dogs our of the freshest ingredients and adds, you guessed it, Asian inspired toppings. Some of the unique add-ons include kimchi and seaweed flakes or spicy ketchup, jalapeno mustard, and crushed salt and pepper potato chips. Follow their twitter for the latest updates.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack's Shack Dog.

Shake Shack

Everyone loves Shake Shack’s burger, but their Shack Dog is a secret star on the menu. Bucking the trends, Shake Shack serves the only Chicago-style dog in NYC, which is a Vienna Beef hot dog, poppy seed bun, with peppers. Pair it with one of their frozen custards and you can’t go wrong.

[photos courtesy of DeaPeaJay, SliceofNYC, jasonlam, biskuit]

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