An Adventure of a Breakfast Joint

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Become inspired at your next breakfast when you venture off to Cora’s Breakfast place. You will not only take in the beauty of the place with its vibrant staff, and colourful aura but will dive into one of the best breakfast joints in town. Now when you think of the word breakfast there are two extremes, you either think of bacon, fried eggs and toast that it oozing with butter, or you think of mile high pancakes that are certainly not good for your cholesterol. But with a vision and years of experience, Cora, the owner and operator of Cora’s franchise has created a breakfast and brunch spot that will allow you to dive into your next breakfast knowing you are not getting a traditional high-fat content breakfast.

What Cora did was make it her mission to develop unique breakfast recipes with a healthy attitude in mind. She has created only the best of the best crepes, French toast, over-stuffed omelets and mouth-watering Eggs Benedict. All of the items on the menu are made ever so vibrant with a dazzling display of fruit designs that of course are yours for the taking. When your plate arrives on your placemat you will most likely want to dive into all its wonderful smells and sights, as it certainly looks like a masterpiece, and of course tastes like one too.Cora restaurants are committed to their customers on a daily basis by promoting the importance of healthy eating right at the start of the day. Cora, along with all who own a restaurant believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with that they are ready to provide you with an unforgettable breakfast dinning experience. An experience that you will surely want to continually want to return to ever day of your vacation while in Niagara Falls. The experience at Cora’s is certainly a magical one as the dishes are mouth-watering and the service is impeccable. Everything from the napkins to the fruit displays encourage all to leave Cora’s on a happy note, and of course the signature happy sun sign of course plays a factor in that. Step into Cora’s restaurant located in the massive parking lot of Niagara Square One Mall just minutes away from Niagara Falls and dive into a perfectly breakfast. With over 120 franchisees, Cora’s surely knows how to do breakfast, and do it right. Just be sure to have an urge to be inspired by the fun nature of this place, as when you leave you may just want to be apart of the franchise business Cora’s offers.

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