Flee the G20 – Head for Niagara

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The G20 will make Toronto a madhouse this weekend. Keep your sanity – meander down the peninsula and enjoy the quiet countryside, visit a few wineries and dine at one of the great restaurants along the way. This weekend is the perfect time to visit.

Leave the craziness of the Queen Elizabeth Highway at Victoria Avenue and drive through the cherry orchards to the escarpment.

Tawse Winery is just a short drive up Cherry Avenue, and it is a fine destination to remind yourself of the wisdom of Mother Nature (as well as enjoy award winning wines).



In a vineyard?  You betcha!

Tawse is firmly committed to Bio-Dynamic Farming, a method of organic farming that emphasizes the relationships between  soil,plants,  and animals. So at Tawse, you’ll see chickens, ducks and lambs roaming the fields.

In their elegant tasting rooms you can sample their Tawse 2007 Quarry Road Chardonnay which was highly praised by English wine writer Jancis Robinson, or sip some of their Tawse 17th St. Pinot Noir which won gold at the 2010 Cuvee Awards.  Better yet, pick up a few bottles to take home.

Then drive about two minutes into downtown Vineland, along Highway 8 and stop at About Thyme Bistro .  This unassuming little resto is a gem, with Chef Ryan Shapiro producing some of the freshest and most innovative dishes, based on what is being produced in Niagara’s gardens.  You can bring your own wine, preferably a bottle you picked up at one of the Niagara Wineries, and enjoy dishes like the bistro charcuterie plate – Shapiro cures his own hams, prosciutto and bacon and makes his own smoked catsup – or classic steak and frites . You’ll swear you are in the French countryside.  If the weather is good, eat out on the raised deck, where you might be rubbing shoulders with the winemakers from down the road who have adopted this little bistro as their ‘local’.

If you really crave the natural experience, pack along a picnic and stop in one of the many parks in the area for a peaceful lunch.

This is the perfect itinerary to counteract the busy urban life.  Try it this weekend, and leave Obama, Sarkozy, Harper et al to endure the heat of Toronto.

Tawse Winery

3955 Cherry Avenue
Vineland, Ontario
Tel: 905-562-9500

About Thyme Bistro

3457 King Street, Vineland, ON


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