Oslo’s Brand New Super-Cheap Hotel

Hotels, Kid Friendly, What's New — By Anne-Sophie Redisch on March 7, 2011 at 2:01 pm

Just a quick note to let you know Oslo has a new hotel and it is so cheap it’s hard to believe. If that’s not enough, it’s very hip to boot. And if that’s not enough either, it’s in the middle of the city center near Youngstorget!

For just 299 kroner (that’s about USD 50), you get a room in Comfort Hotel Xpress emphasizing “music, concrete, technology, social media, human beings and graffiti” — in short, we’re talking budget-hotel-meets-urban-design.

Photo: Comfort Hotel Xpress

You check in yourself on iMacs in the lobby, but if you need help, receptionists are on hand. Rooms are clean and hip, and wifi is free. Otherwise, there are no frills and breakfast is not included, but is available for a reasonable (for Norway) 85 kroner. If you stay for several days and want your room cleaned during your stay, you have to pay extra.

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